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Terra Nova 1x08 Review


The 'Fenton The Dog' video is more interesting than this show. Terra Nova has a festival to celebrate Taylor's arrival. Jim plays at being the moral centre of Terra Nova, oh piss off tool. Jim finds a body buried under Pilgrim's Tree.

The acting on this show is on level with 'Made In Chelsea'. The Sixers annoy and spy on Terra Nova with dragonflies. Maddie needs to shut up. Elizabeth technobabbles about time travel leaving a signature in the body.

Taylor tells Jim some deep dark secrets about Terra Nova and his scum son. Jim and Elizabeth need to SHUT UP. Lucas lurks again and he is the worst actor on this show, which is saying a lot. Why am I supposed to care about the real plans for Terra Nova or Lucas trying to kill his father? How does Terra Nova have fireworks? Oh I'm bored, this was crappy.
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