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Ringer 1x09 Review

Shut Up And Eat Your Bologna

Olivia is scum. Andrew broods in well-lit profile and Bridget sees Siobhan's shrink. Malcolm suspects 'Charlie' the evil sponsor. Gemma's fate is revealed. More about Bridget going on the run is revealed. Gemma and Henry's twins finally show up.

Bridget loves Andrew. Siobhan's shrink needs to shut up. Siobhan is a ho, ho, ho. Just how much financial trouble is Andrew in? Charlie is evil and Bridget finally cops on. Just what long con is Siobhan up to? White trash in trouble! This was dull.

Best Lines:
"This is not your life."

"You're pretending to be his dead wife. How can there be any trust in that?"

"I only got so much room is my basement."
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