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Book Reviews: Bedbugs + To Brave The Storm + The Evil Inside

Bedbugs by Ben H. Winters

This reminds me of the work of Ira Levin. Susan and Alex move into an apartment that seems ideal. They're happy, at first. But Susan whines about giving up her job to focus on her 'art', Alex is resentful and tensions are set to explode. The land lady is eccentric and Susan is spiraling into paranoia.

She distrusts the handyman, resents the babysitter and alienates her husband. Then she becomes convinced that demonic bedbugs are over-running her home. This is good but Susan is such a dislikeable shrew, you don't care about her or her hysterical drama.

Star Trek Enterprise The Romulan War: To Brave The Storm by Michael A. Martin

The 'Destiny' saga got 3 books, the 'Typhon Pact' got 4 and 'The Romulan War' gets only 2. But based on this misfire, that is a good thing. This was a bitter disappointment. It is a badly written tale of the dark years of the Earth/Romulan war, victory, the peace treaty and the signing of the Federation charter.

The Enterprise sits out most of the war while huge battles happen off the page and planetary genocides are mentioned as having happened. This is a frustrating read as years can suddenly pass between chapters and all big events seem to happen off the pages.

It is amazing the Federation charter was ever signed at all as Vulcan sat out the war due to snotty hippy T'Pau. Ugh, after all the build up in 'The Good That Men Do', 'Kobayashi Maru' and 'Beneath The Raptor's Wings', this is a failure of epic proportions.

The Evil Inside by Heather Graham

I thought this was a horror novel but it is not. It is a ghastly, badly written, BORING paranormal romance.
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