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The Secret Circle 1x09 Review


Why has this show got so bad? I'm talking Ricky Martin bad. Why were the Circle's parents all having teen pregnancies 16 years ago? What are the symbols? Granny Jane is dumb. Melissa's cousin shows up. Jake steals and lurks and smugs. Cassie's dumb and only cares about herself.

The acting is terrible. We learn about Cassie's connection to the Balcoin line as if we care. The Balcoin line were the origin of black magic or something and Cassie is a super special witch. The witch hunters have a council, yawn. 'Charmed' was better than this.

The guy from 'Teen Wolf' can't act but Jake is the worst offender. Why can't the witch hunters kill Cassie? They should because nothing but cruel sounds comes out of her mouth. Why is Jake getting so much screen time? Why is Cassie such trash? Why don't she or Jake close their curtains?

Charles is a tool. This was boring. Dawn liked John Blackwell. Oh it's 'Maury' time! Why does anyone listen to Jake? The witch hunters have a boat made of ashwood to thwart magic. It just sounds dumb.

Cassie has no emotional reaction to being saved from witch hunters. Don't come back Jake. So who else is Blackwell's kid? Maybe it's all of them. Hee. Why don't they sink the boat? Why does Jake stay with the witch hunters?

Best Lines:
"Kind of a girlier 'Lost Boys' vibe."

"Cassie Blake is not the only child of Blackwell in the Circle."

"Oh right when you were leading us to slaughter. I knew the situation felt familiar."
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