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Trailers and Stuff

I read spoilers for series 4 of 'Being Human'. Yikes, they really want to kill this show don't they?

'Revenge' 1x09/1x10 promos

I plan to give season 3 of 'Sanctuary' a try. I like Tesla.

'Hellraiser: Hellworld' trailer
WTF This looks stupid. Morons go to Hellraiser party and bad stuff happens. This looks cheap and you can see Pinhead has aged.

'Homeland' trailer
This looks good. It has the annoying guy from 'Life' in it but it also has the guy from 'Due South'.

'Resistance' trailer
What if D-Day failed and in 1944 the Nazis invaded the UK? This looks mmmmm.

Tided up some more LJ tags.

So 'Star Trek 2' is out in 2013 in 3D? Sigh.

Susan M. Garret who wrote the 'Forever Knight' novel 'Intimations of Mortality' is dead. RIP.

Necro Publication has shut down. Their best book was the 2003 reissue of Edward Lee's 1991 novel 'Coven'.

'St Trinian's' (2007) Quotes:

"It's like Hogwarts for pikeys."

"That you made it down the drive is qualification enough."

I am reading 'The Dark Storm' by Kris Greene, I am getting a bad feeling about this book. Bad in a Janine Cross/venom way. Shudder.
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