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Book Review: Mysteries of the Diogenes Club

Mysteries of the Diogenes Club by Kim Newman
A collection of short stories about the Diogenes Club (founded by Mycroft Holmes, brother of Sherlock) which protects England from occult menaces. It's a more populated, more competent Torchwood. There have been two previous Diogenes books which I haven't read, but I'd like to.

Sorcerer Conjurer Wizard Witch
It's 'Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy' with magic. It is alleged that there is a traitor among the four magical guardians of London. Which is a problem, because without them England will fall. This was very good.

Kentish Glory: The Secrets of Drearcliff Grange School
Amy is sent to a boarding school that makes St Trinians look like a nunnery. She deals with bullies, kidnappers, magic and founds a secret society. It's all jolly good fun.

Moon Moon Moon
The untold story of what was going on just before the first moon landing. Good.

Organ Donors
A woman goes to work for a TV station and uncovers nefarious goings on. Okay.

Seven Stars
A cursed jewel creates problems for the Diogenes Club from 1897 to 2025. This is okay but the 2025 segment is a bit stupid.

Best Lines:
"There's a curse, you see."
"Of course there is."
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