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Heroes 3x08 Review


Best Lines: "Told you he couldn't say nurse out loud."

"They're tricking you because you're dumb."

Hiro has a visionquest of how Flint, Sylar and Arthur became the villains they are. So flashbing back in time 18 months we see Peter with his 'Little Nicky' haircut and learn that Flint and Meredith are siblings. TPTB are going all out to redeem Sylar by making Elle and Mr Bennet responsible for his serial killing rampage. Elle and Bennet are shown to be even more vile than usual. We also learn that Linderman was actually 2nd in command in villainy to Arthur (it sure came as a surprise to the actor too).

We also learn that Meredith and Flint caused the fiery train crash that Claire ran into back in the 'Pilot' and we learn that Angela tried to murder Arthur. Seems Arthur and not Linderman tried to kill Nathan and Heidi back in 'Six Months Ago'. Arthur used his mind powers to make the doctor tell Angela he was dead. Why she never checked for herself knowing what she does about her husband, makes Angela look dumb.

In the 'dramatic' episode cliff-hanger, Arthur somehow winds up in Africa, somehow cuts poor Usutu's head off and then seemingly takes Hiro's powers.

This episode had good and bad moments. Two outstanding moments in this ep were the opening credits and Eric Roberts putting out Flint's flames with a fire extinguisher.The endless Peterelli soap opera was good as was the Meredith/Flint stuff. But any scenes with Elle, Sylar, Bennet and Hiro drag on. Maybe Peter will go back to the nursing career he abandoned now he's powerless. Maybe being powerless will give Hiro his brain back.
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