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Ringer 1x08 Review

Maybe We Can Get A Dog Instead

Bridget's non-pregnancy is revealed. She lies to cover her ass. Andrew's slutty partner sluts. Why did Siobhan steal transfer documents with Andrew's name on them? What happened to Andrew and Bridget moving to the torture-porn loft?

Malcolm shows up. Bridget lies some more. Juliet is wildly inappropriate and hits on Mr C. Andrew broods in well lit profile. Malcolm throws sobriety out the window. This was dull. Siobhan is just boring, she needs to run off and guard her pot o'gold. How was Victor allowed to lurk during an AA meeting?

Bridget wears tennis ball sized earrings, Henry is gross, Andrew is snotty and Victor is so smug, he needs a punch in the face. Siobhan's sugar daddy Tyler meets Bridget. Yet again Bridget makes a bad decision, Andrew better nail the furniture to the floor.

Best Lines:
"I sort of threw Bridget under the bus."

"Rich girl's daddy probably pays someone to read to her every night."
"He tried to hire your mom but she couldn't handle the big words."

"If you really want to stay hidden, don't pay for your motel with a credit card."
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