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Fringe 4x06 Reviewed

And Those We've Left Behind

Walter of the questionable morals and distrust of soap products is a jackass. Olivia and co are pod people. They have no interest in Peter and are rude. There are time slips and a rip off of 'White Tulip' in this ep.

Where is Walternate? Seriously, where is Walternate?!?! Lincoln Lee annoys and takes up space. A man built a time machine in his garage to fix his sick wife. Walter builds a 'faraday cage' that is not a faraday cage. Who cares about Lincoln Lee and his stupid tunnel subplot? There is bad bad acting in this stupid, stupid, stupid ep.

Peter looks around at the gang of jerks that populate season 4 and decides he's in the wrong universe. I haven't seen anything this bad since 'The Hangover'.

Best Line:
"He is a Fringe event."
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