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The Secret Circle 1x08 Review


Cassie's dumb and Jake annoys. Since when has iron and sulphur blocked magic? Why is anyone listening to Jake? Why don't they do spells? Granny Jane is AWOL. Everyone decides to go on a road trip. Witch hunters lurk. Jake's murderous thug threats are undercut by the fact he cannot act.

Don't these kids ever go to school? Cassie bores, she is the Riley Finn of this show. Faye sees things. Testosterone jacked up ape Jake shows off his virility, only Cassie cares. This was AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL. Charles is going crazy.

Who was John Blackwell and what did he do? Adam and Diana have a quickie but he still won't stop mooning over Cassie. So he's still dumped. Why didn't Amelia's spirit linger after her death?
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