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Terra Nova 1x07 Review


The 11th Pilgrimage is due soon. If Terra Nova can't contact the future, then how do they know that? Mira (who was in the 'Doctor Who' ep 'The Long Game')does not appear. Elizabeth is neglectful and stupid. Zoe brats, Josh whines and Maddie is ignored. Jim goes fishing, how can they eat stuff from 85 million BC anyway?

The Sixers ask Josh to steal medicine and he does, cos he is a thug tool. This was offensively boring. Since when has there been a beach? Where did they get the fishing gear or the apple trees? Maddie annoys and there are CGI beetles. Taylor tracks down the dude he exiled in 'Bylaw' and makes a deal.

How do they have glass windows and hologram IDs? How do they manufacture medicine? Jim's dumb, Maddie obsesses over Horton, a old scientist. Malcolm cuts someone's funding, how is there funding to cut?!? Taylor waves a big knife. This world is not real. Where do they get clothes? What are the sanitation arrangements? How do they have water?

Taylor has an agenda. Maddie needs to shut up. The people in Terra Nova are so full of crap, they need toilet brushes to clean their ears. Is this show actually a really subtle metaphor about capitalistic coercion and cyclic futility?

Scofflaw punkass jackass Josh confesses. Taylor looks constipated. This show fills me with huge resentment. The characters are all flat and the initial promise has been traduced. The characters are cretinous automatons and/or furious bullies. I thought this would be better, I'm tired of glass eyed dumbos with limited conversation skills with fists for brains doing dumb crap every single ep. Are they meant to be backward? Why do the Sixers have such screaming hate for Taylor? Why is Josh such an unwashed screaming thug? Why is Jim so inane? I remember how in 2010 'The Event' had a brilliant start and pissed it all away. Therefore 'Terra Nova' is 'The Event' of 2011.
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