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Raffles (1977) Review, Part 5

Home Affairs
For a Test cricketer, Raffles hasn’t played much cricket during this series run. Plus why does Raffles wear full evening dress and a top hat to crack safes? Just because it looks cool?

The burglar of the upper classes is condemned in the House of Commons by the Home Secretary who vows the miscreant will get hard labour. Raffles decides to burgle the Home Secretary for the fun of it. Mackenzie lurks to annoy Raffles. Is Mackenzie intentionally dressed like Sherlock Holmes?

The burglary goes awry due to Bunny being an idiot, Raffles does a runner and leaves Bunny behind, the Home Secretary rants and Raffles has to save Bunny and impress another fan girl in Jane, the cloak room maid. There is high comedy in this very good ep.

When did Mackenzie first suspect Raffles? There’s a smirky footman and during one of Mackenzie’s rants, you can clearly see the glue holding his fake muttonchops beard on.

Best Lines:
“It’s back to the bad old days of the hulks and transportation to Botany Bay and hanging a man for stealing a sheep.”

“I think it is time we were not here.”

“We were under the necessity known as sleeping it off.”

“Why am I ever anywhere? Except for fun.”

“Well find some clues or something.”

“But they have money.”
“But gained by what means, sir?”

“Thank you for preferring me to your tools.”

“It’s you whose going to be damned Mr Raffles. To penal servitude!”

“I’ll get you one day.”

“Oh Mr Raffles, there’s this mad Scotsman here says you’re a thief. Should I call the butler and have him thrown out?”

The Gift of the Emperor
A Foreign Officer blighter named Carstairs lurks as well as a stereotypical German named Von Heumann. There is a pearl involved. Raffles and Bunny are bathed in satanic red flames as they plot to steal the pearl from the dastardly Germans and go on a gambling holiday to Monte Carlo.

There is foreshadowing of WW1. Carstairs tells Raffles to steal the pearl; it seems Raffles antics are known in government circles. There is a hunt in the cold and mud. Mackenzie lurks. Von Heumann is a large ham and has a fake German accent that would put Herr Flick of ‘Allo Allo’ to shame. Von Heumann also has a creepy lurking servant.

Raffles steals the pearl via dumb waiter. Von Heumann’s servant sleeps in his uniform while holding a revolver. This is quite different from the story of the same name that was a game changer for the duo.

Raffles and Bunny are involved in a violent altercation with the Germans. Bunny is punched out and Raffles is tied up and menaced. The plot comes to a head on a boat. There is a photo of a boat to set the scene and copious use of the fog machine to hid the fact they’re not on a boat. Carstairs is a back stabber but Raffles always has a backup plan. This was good.

Best Lines:
“If ever a man deserved horse-whipping, he does.”

“You are talking like a radical newspaper.”

“You’re Raffles friend I understand?”
“And partner?”

An Old Flame
The last episode. Why oh why didn’t they make any more? Raffles decides to burgle a house on a whim. He puts on his mask, that he hasn’t worn in ages but is caught red handed by the lady of the house Gloria. It just so happens that Gloria is an old flame of his and she’s creepily obsessed with him.

Gloria lets Raffles escape and then tracks him down at the Albany. She hates her husband whom she married for his title and plans to divorce him and run off with Raffles. What Raffles wants is irrelevant to her. Gloria’s oily husband who married her for her money wants Raffles to go away. It seems he too, knows all about Raffles night-time activities. And Raffles can be a poisonous mercenary chap.

Gloria causes problems and she wants Bunny out of Raffles life. She’s a crazy woman who plans to take Raffles on a grand tour of Europe as her kept man/gigolo. For all Gloria’s love of Raffles, she knows nothing of his cricket career. Mackenzie hangs around like a bad smell.

Raffles and Bunny love their lives of burgling, cricket and clubs and want Gloria to go away. So Raffles does a long con. There’s a funeral and Raffles is a jerk. Bunny thinks Raffles can do no wrong and they get their happy ever after. The Albany doorman is all knowing and the Bank of England may be getting some unexpected withdrawals. This was good. It ended too soon.

Best Lines:
“You mercenary beast, you burgle for money?”
“So do you.”

“I don’t often do things like a normal person.”

“Have you really sunk so low?”
“As low as they dig.”

“One can’t be in love with her because she’s rich, people would misunderstand.”

“Not possible, I hope.”

“If she leaves you, what have you left? A ruined castle and an overdraft at the bank.”

“And why on earth should I be inside Wormwood Scrubs?”

“Bunny, see the noble lord to the door would you? And kick him down the stairs.”

“I will be received because I’m rich and you will be received because you’re my consort.”

“It is the dream of my life to put Mr Raffles behind bars.”

“And you’re going to run away with her?”
“With her? From her. If I can run fast enough.”

“We can only make do with second best. Well goodbye for the moment Mr Manders. I’ll be seeing you.”

“You just tell me when you want to stop being dead.”

“I could no more live with her than I could share a cave with a boa constrictor
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