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Movie Review: YellowBrickRoad (2009)

In 1940, an entire town walked up an unmarked trail. Some died, some vanished and now Teddy has received the declassified files about the incident. Teddy and his group of researchers head up the trail wanting to know what happened in 1940. Soon enough the GPS isn’t working, there’s weird noises and it is compelling but odd and then at the 43 minute mark, it falls apart. A guy rips his sister’s leg off and things get laughable.

There are more weird noises, random weirdness and people start screaming at each other. I wish they’d all drink bleach. This started out intriguing but it became awful and makes no sense. How does the jeep have endless fuel? Why do people just randomly go crazy? The ending is dumb and WTF was it about?
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