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Trailers! Trailers! Trailers!

'Star Trek' trailer
Saw the trailer for the remake. Either this film will be good or a complete
disaster. On the plus side the SFX look good and Eric Bana plays a Romulan.
On the negative side there's James Kirk as some annoying punk, Sylar as
Spock, Simon Pegg as Scotty and the bizarre ship's interior design which
looks 70's. I like Trek, but this trailer does not exactly fill me with high

'Survivors' trailer
The BBC have remade the cult classic 1970's show about plague survivors.
I've never seen the original as it was way, way before my time but I did read a
magazine article that was a 'everything you need to know' font of
information about the show and it did sound good. However this trailer did
not show a bleak, plague ravaged country but rather sunny fields, canals,
gardens and parking lots with people spewing quasi-mystic BS about survival.
There were a few 'ominous' shots of ominous looking intense people. But they
didn't convince. Will this show do rabies, smallpox, vigilante justice, rats
and fire? I fear this show could turn out to be another 'Bonekickers' style

'Dollhouse' trailer
Shot with the same soft focus of 'Tru Calling' and looking like an unholy
hybrid of 'Angel' and 'Firefly', this looks dire. The main character looks
either expressionless or bored. This looks truly terrible.

'Iron Man'
post credits scene
Finally saw this and it was way, way too short to be worth sitting through
the overly long 'Iron Man' end credits for. Still what is 'The Avengers
Initiative'? Yes I know it's an upcoming movie, but what is it exactly?
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