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Terra Nova 1x06 Review


As enjoyable as finding a spitting puff adder in your bed. Josh is a snot, an idiot teen has a parasite, Maddie is ignored and a meteor hits creating an EMP. So even in the future they haven’t got a defence against EMPs? Plus they’ve no preparation for meteor hits? Despite knowing the dino killing extinction level event meteor is coming?

They’ve no backup and Taylor has to tell people what an EMP is. Stephen Lang should be in a better show. Everyone is a stupid moron and ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ did this whole plotline better back long, long ago.

I’m thinking of dropping this crappy show. The bar keep and Zoë annoy. Why doesn’t Terra Nova have another line of defence? I wish T-Rex’s would show up and eat these idiots. Plus why no pterodactyls flying over head?

Jim still hasn’t found the Terra Nova spy and didn’t even notice Maddie was missing. How does Terra Nova have coffee? The Sixers steal back their device. Lucas, Taylor’s son, shows up and he is even snottier than Josh. He seems to be the real boss of the Sixers and is getting close to something. He’s a surly brat. He and Josh need a good slap. This was utter crap.
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