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Raffles (1977) Review, Part 4

There are no daring yet somehow amusing jewel robberies here, the stories get darker.

To Catch A Thief
Mackenzie shows up to annoy Raffles. Why haven't the Albany evicted Raffles due to all the police visits and searches? A jewel thief is on the loose, but it isn't Raffles. Raffles figure out who the thief is by reading some newspaper cuttings. It is Lord Ernest Belville.

Raffles robs the Lord of his ill-gotten gains but the lords knows whodunit and guns are waved and Bunny gets cracked on the head. Lord Ernest is an annoying tiresome large ham klepto. This was not good. Lord Ernest threatens to ruin Raffles in society by way of vague not-defined rumours. Raffles kills someone with a cricket ball. It is a good thing the science of finger print analysis was not advanced at this point as Raffles leaves his all over a crime scene.

Best Lines:
"Did you find a rope ladder?"
"Tied to a bedroom balcony. Would you like to have it back?"

"I am not a thief. If I were one, which I am not, I would consider it a disgraceful abuse of hospitality to steal from my hosts...I would refuse to do it if I were a thief, which I am not."

"His score is more than you've made in the whole of your life."
"Not now it isn't."

"This silly ass has got some idea into his head about arresting me as a jewel thief."
"What absolute rot!"

"An honest manly criminal would have come straight to your place and done the honest, manly, decent straightforward thing."
"What's that?"
"Demanded that you hand back the swag to him."

A Bad Night
Raffles is to play in a cricket Test match at Old Trafford. Bunny wants to do a solo run of burgling the best houses in the land while staying three steps ahead of the Yard. Bunny heads off to steal a room full of wedding presents as the haul would support them through the summer. No-one mentions Bunny botching the robbery of his old home.

There is a mention of the coming Second Boer War and terrible back screen projection on a train. Bunny comes up against Netje the daughter of the house who likes to shoot stuff. Luckily her massive crush on Raffles saves the day. Bunny mentions Sherlock Holmes and knocks Raffles out, a cop thinks Raffles is a klepto and apparently everyone in the Yard knows about Raffles secret life. Incomprehensible cricket lingo is uttered and things get a bit french farce. This was good.

Best Lines:
"You don't move in financial circles."
"No but my fence does."

"There is only one gentleman burglar in London to the best of our knowledge and that's him."

Mr Justice Raffles
Brigstock is a money lender and he's fat and grotesque looking so we know he's evil. Raffles' cricket buddy Teddy (Charles Dance of 'Trinity') is in debt to Brigstock. So Raffles decides to help the thankless dim Teddy out.

Raffles says he has a bank account but clearly stated in 'Chest of Silver' that he does not have one. It is mentioned that Raffles father is dead. Bunny's stupid and Brigstock makes threats. There is a sort of mention of the Oscar Wilde libel suite. There is a fight and Raffles judges Brigstock for his crimes. Raffles has to have a personality disorder. This was okay.

So we get a baddie done in due to a seemingly lack of peripheral vision, finger prints left all over a crime scene again, Teddy being a humourless thankless prat and it being an open secret that Raffles is a thief/burglar/con man.

Best Lines:
"He is the man who's ruined half the rich young heirs in the country."

"What does a young man about town do when he needs cash in a great hurry?"

"Take this blighter and throw him out on the street."

"It's always exposing things. Things I don't think ought to be exposed."

"You're cracksmen, magsmen, mobsmen the pair of you. So you may as well both own up."

"The biggest villain."
"Next to you."

"Breaking all the rules of civilised crime. You've brought crime into disrepute. You've made it something which is regarded with loathing and distaste by decent people. You've taken the sporting element out of crime."
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