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The Vampire Diaries 2x22 Reviewed

As I Lay Dying

No more reviews after this. This ep was terrible. Damon moons over Elena while everyone just overlooks all the people he killed. Jenna's dead and no-one seems to care. Drama queen Stefan and his lantern jaw bores. Why is Bonnie helping them? Klaus and Elijah annoy, Klaus is a really bad baddie. Why is Alaric helping Damon?

Jeremy whines. Caroline annoys. Damon flashbacks to Katherine and her corsets. Katherine is a pathetic useless character now. Damon will not shut up and nothing is ever his fault. He gets Jeremy shot by Liz. Why do the vampires get away with all their crap?

Bonnie raises the dead. Stefan skips off with Klaus. Damon drinks Elena's blood cos she is useless and he is an abuser. Liz needs to stake Caroline. Elena makes out with Damon and Katherine snarks off. Enough, I can't take this crap anymore. Goodbye!
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