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Another Tape Tale of 2002

Cleared out another tape from 2002. It opened with a season 3 'Angel' ep 'Waiting in the Wings'. Wesley and Gunn drool over Fred. There is way too much talking in this ep. The gang go to the ballet where the future River Tam prances. This was boring. Then came a 'Star Trek: Enterprise' ep 'Shuttlepod One' in which Reed and Tucker bond. We are meant to believe Reed reads 'Ulysses'. We are meant to belive that Reed can read. This was also boring.

Then came a 'Smallville' ep 'Stray' in which a vile mind reading moppet showed up to annoy. Clark befriends the troll. This was utter crap. Then came a season 3 'The Pretender' ep 'Murder 101' in which Miss Parker and her bad make up pulled faces and Jarod teaches the psychology the criminal mind. We get more flashbacks to the vile experiments Sydney carried out on Jarod and never expressed any remorse for. Jarod wears the worlds ugliest poloneck, stalks people and deals with a clique of obvious baddies. Miss Parker learns her toxic father is to remarry. There is bad acting and a dead body that no-one found for a year despite the fact it is about 2 feet away from a road.
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