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The Secret Circle 1x07 Reviewed

It's Halloween and Faye and Cassie hang out. Cassie dresses as a slutty killer bee and ignores the fact that she did break up Diana and Adam. The fire 16 years ago caused a lot of witches to stop being witches. Why? What was so bad about it? Granny Jane leaves Cassie alone after demons and irresponsible magic use. Nice one Jane.

Adam is pissed at Ethan and brings up the fact that Ethan treated Adam's mother badly. Ethan still obsesses over Amelia. Diana hangs out with Cassie. No-one misses Nick. Jake acts like the most obvious baddie ever. Cassie looks into witch crypts. Apparently you can kill a witch with a jar o'stuff. Jake threatens a fellow witch in a flurry of large ham bad acting.

Cassie's dumb, Jake is a jackass and Jake plots against the Circle. Why do a group of witch hunters put up with Jake anyway? Luke returns and there is a revelation. Someone else points out to Ethan that he has idealised Amelia, he ignores them. There is ominous muttering about Cassie's dad John Blackwell and that Cassie has dark magic inside her.

The Circle are in peril. Jake shows off his cruddy acting some more. You can nullify a witch's magic with iron sulphate apparently. Issac (Mr Argent on 'Teen Wolf') has a bad acting contest with Jake. Someone dies. There is much ranting about unholy magic. Why can no-one see through Jake? This was good despite Jake. Adam wants Diana back, he needs to stop panting over Cassie because it is gross. How long did it take Jane to get to the beach house?

Best Lines:
"How many witches are there in Chance Harbor?"

"All magic is dark."

"You're not the only ones born into a legacy. At least I can be proud of mine."
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