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Fringe 4x05 Reviewed


Walter twitches and does his typical ACTINGS tricks. There is a boring defective shapeshifter subplot. Why did TPTB turn the characters into pod people? Why did they not know about Observers? Walter's stupid, Lincoln Lee annoys and it is revealed that Nina adopted Olivia and her sister after their mother died. I thought season 4 would be about the two universes interacting but we haven't got that.

William Bell had ethical concerns in this reality, how did that happen? Olivia and Walter have no interest in Peter. WTF? They ignore, dismiss and reject him. There is bad acting and Olivia hits on Lincoln Lee, eeewww. All the promise of season 2 has long been flushed. This was boring and ridiculous. Who is the boss of the human hybrid shapeshifters? Why does no-one suspect Peter of being a shapeshifter? Where is Walternate?

Best Lines:
"Somethings are not ours to tamper with."

"That boy was never my son and neither are you."
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