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Tape Tale of 2002

Cleared out a tape from 2002. It opened with an 'X Files' ep '4D' in which Doggett and Monica annoyed. This was boring. Then came an 'Andromeda' ep 'In Heaven Now Are Three' in which Trance is showing off her retooled makeup. The shading on her chest makes her look anorexic and her gold make up makes her look like she has a liver disorder. This ep is from after Kevin Sorbo had the show dumbed down because he didn't understand it. Beka looks for the Engine of Creation on a sound stage. Sorbo does his Shanter impression and it was awful boring rubbish. Dylan wears jeans!

Then came another 'X Files' ep 'Lord of the Flies' which guest starred Samaire Armstrong (of 'The O.C.') and Jane Lynch (of 'Glee'). Lynch plays a bug woman with a bug boy son. Some school bullies rip off 'Jackass'. There is bad SFX, a psycho bug mom and much badness. Then finally there was another 'X Files' ep 'Trust No 1' in which Scully narrates monochrome flashbacks to the days of Mulder. William Scully-Mulder looks cute and whatever became of William after Scully had him adopted? Doggett mutters exposition about super soldiers and Terry O'Quinn of 'Lost' shows up to annoy. Dull.
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