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Fringe Ep 7

In Which We Meet Mr Jones

Best Line: "Death is simply an inconvenience."

An FBI agent is infested by a gross looking parasite and the team work to
save him. Olivia heads to Germany to meet with a former colleague and
interview a prison inmate. Meanwhile Peter has to get into the mind of a
dead man. In the end the FBI agent is saved but there is a twist.

This was a very good episode. The 'Phantasm' shout out was amusing. Olivia thinks of Peter as a friend, aawwww. The parasite's root in the IV was disgusting. The Observer was at the airport. There was no mention of the time difference between Germany and America. In the past Walter tried to find out who killed Jimmy Hoffa. Peter recalls that Walter used to shock him with a car battery. Where were social services? That was one huge syringe. What is Little Hill? The Pattern are fanatics considering the huge effort they went to. What is Little Hill and why is it so important? A doped up Peter calls Walter 'Daddy', aaaawww.
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