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Movie Reviews: Husk + The New Daughter

Husk (2010)
Five mouthbreathers driving to a lake house crash their car after crows dive bomb the windshield. Within minutes one of the group has vanished and others are searching the high ominous looking corn for their missing buddy. The sight of rusting cars and a rundown house does not deter them and they press on.

This is okay, from the very start it produces a feeling of unease. It owes a debt to 'Children of the Corn' and the supposed lead hero guy looks a bit like Chris Pine and the sole woman is a hysteric but one can overlook all that. There is lots of corn and darkness and some scares that made me jump. The visions plot point is a bit weird and makes no real sense. Also the gang don't seem overly concerned about their dead/missing buddies. People act crazy and it is already too late for them.

The New Daughter (2009)
I'd never even heard of this Kevin Costner flick before now. Everyman John (Costner) is divorced and moves with his two brats to a huge isolated homestead. Sam waves a shotgun and Louisa complains and acts like a snot. There is bad acting which gets worse when Louisa starts hanging out at a barrow all the time.

John goes to investigate the scary noise and there are unsubtle methapors. This was dull with intermittent bouts of hysteria. John is stolid, the babysitter is eaten, Louisa pukes, a cop (Erik Palladino) is unhelpful and there are exposition dumps. This was badly edited and I've no idea what was going on at the end or WTF happened at the end. Avoid this tripe.
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