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Terra Nova 1x05 Reviewed

And it just keeps getting worse. Do TPTB not realise this show has major problems? TPTB treat Jim in sycophantic fashion as Jesus Christ, Nelson Mandela, Leonardo Da Vinci and Steve Jobs all rolled into one. Jim needs to piss off back to the archaeobacteria.

An idiot is eaten by a dino. Josh is an entitled snot. Zoe and Elizabeth obsesses over a dino egg. Maddy does nothing. Jim still hasn't warned Taylor about the Sixers plotting to kill him instead Jim comes up the idea that dino chow guy was murdered and stomps around being smug, rude and snotty. How did Jim get away with gatecrashing Terra Nova anyway?

The Terra Nova gang drive jeeps wildly over the place, I guess 'A Sound of Thunder' does not matter to them. This ep is like a bad 'CSI: Miami' ep. There is no mention of Taylor's son or the equations. Instead we get Taylor holding something just taken out of a dino's guts with his bare hands.

Jim bothers an annoying couple and this is all so boring. Taylor overacts, Josh and Skye head off to meet the Sixers, Elizabeth is dumb, Taylor makes a speech and there is an ass pull resolution. This was awful.

Best Lines:
"You can't do this."
"I can and I am."

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