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Thoughts and Trailers

I am reading 'The Book of Cthulhu'.

Had a Payday bar for the first time in over a year, was underwhelmed.

'Colombiana' trailer
Looks good.

Got a copy of 'Who You Callin' Cupcake' only to find out that some of the recipes are wrong (20 eggs to make sponge instead of 8) and that it took the authors some time to admit their errors. Before they admitted the recipes were wrong they made snotty comments about altitude, over-mixing and not using organic ingredients. Well I won't be buying anything else they publish. I am going to try and make the Caramel Corn Cupcakes. So far I've made the base Devil's Food cupcakes. Which is a vegan recipe and I taste tested one and yep, you can tell it is vegan. The lack of eggs or butter is very apparent.

Had a terrible shock last night, a mirror fell off the wall. It didn't shatter or crack, there isn't even a dent in the frame. Am amazed, but when was asking for help to tidy up the stuff it knocked over while falling all I got was lazy ass whining in response. Some people are charming aren't they?
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