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Ringer 1x06 Reviewed

The Poor Kids Do It Everyday
Henry scrubs blood off his walls and acts like a tool. Where are his and Gemma's twins anyway? He has no concern for his possibly dead wife. Juliet dresses like a ho as she goes to some public high school. Her teacher is played by Jason Dohring (of 'Moonlight' and 'Veronica Mars'). Meanwhile Bridget is tempted by Juliet's stash.

Siobhan wanted Gemma and Andrew dead. WTF is her game? I can't figure her or Siobhan out and Sarah Michelle Gellar's blank acting isn't helping. There is some bad dubbing. Victor lurks and he is a bad one, I just know it. Juliet is a snot and Bridget makes clever use of her finger prints. This was okay but 'Hidden Palms' moved faster than this.

Best Lines:
"There now you and you family can eat for a whole month."

"Teach away."

Tags: moonlight, ringer, veronica mars

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