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The Vampire Diaries 2x21 Reviewed

The Sun Also Rises
I haven't watched this crud since 2x10 so I've no idea what is going on here. Katherine annoys, Jenna is a vampire, Klaus is unscary, someone named Greta waves her hands around and Elena is still ineffective and whiny. Caroline is selfish and dumb and in general, people are useless.

John whines, Klaus who is some Eastend hoodrat twit waves the moonstone around and people sit on their asses doing nothing. Jeremy and Bonnie yak. Elijah and Alaric sit on their asses. Elijah switches sides so many times, he seems caught in a revolving door.

There is too much chat in this ep. Matt waves a rifle. The ritual is a whole lot of nothing. People sit around like slack jawed idiots and let Klaus become a hybrid. That's it? That's the big deal? A werewolf/vampire hybrid? Didn't 'Underworld' do this already?

Jeremy won't shut up. Matt wails about his absentee mom, who he threw out of her own house. Bonnie annoys. Two characters die in a flurry of bad bad acting. WTF is this doppelganger crap all about? There is dramatic pointing by Bonnie. And it is always ALL ABOUT ELENA isn't it? This was awful awful awful stuff.

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