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Book Review: The Best Horror of The Year Volume Three, Part 1

The Best Horror of the Year Volume Three edited by Ellen Datlow
I'm half way through and this is weak nowhere near as good as volume two or even volume one.

At The Riding School
A vet is summoned to a riding school due to a problem. Weird, unscary and not good.

Mr Pigsny
A gangster dies and a weird little man runs around. Plus there are slugs. I have no idea what was going on here.

City of the Dog
An idiot learns his slutty girlfriend has been carried off by monsters, or something. Dull.

Just Outside Our Windows, Deep Inside Our Walls
A boy can redraw reality. Yawn.

Lesser Demons
A Sheriff deals with the Lovecraftian horrors that have overrun his town. Okay.

Best Lines:
Down in the cemetery, the children were laughing.
They had another box open.

When the Zombies Win
The zombies win. Short and bleak and already published in 'The Living Dead 2'.

Two researchers are in the bleak wilderness where decades ago a cult did foul deeds. Weird stuff happens. Good.

Fallen Boys
A school trip to a mine goes awry. Mediocre.

to be continued
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