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Supernatural 6x22 Reviewed

The Man Who Knew Too Much
This has to be the worst 'SPN' finale ever, even worse then the dreadful season 2 or 4 ones. Sam spends ages being mental hanging out with a fake character who cannot act. Nobody does anything about Castiel or Crowley until the last three minutes of the ep but by then Castiel has gone full tilt crazy and it is too late.

WTF was this crap? Why was Sam's trip to hell so much worse than Dean's? Why is 3/4 of this ep some bizarre Sam fanfic? How did TPTB make Castiel going evil so boring? When did Crowley became boring? Two reoccurring Angels die in this ep and I don't care plus how did Sam sneak up on Castiel with the Angel killing knife anyhow? This was AWFUL.

Best Lines:
"I'm so sorry."
"Not as sorry as you're gonna be."

"You seem even more constipated than usual."
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