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The Secret Circle 1x06 Review


This was a terrible ep. Cassie's granny has zero reaction to the news there is a new Circle. Nick's never before mentioned bro Jake shows up to annoy. Cassie never listens to anyone when they try to tell her about her magic, she's always being stupid and storming off. But of course she is special and her lineage goes back to the beginning of witchcraft. Oh vomit.

Nick's wake is in drunk Ethan's bar, classy. Faye's mean. Jake is tied to the Circle through his bloodline. Witch hunters are in town and they burn symbols into grass and wave daggers at the Circle. Why don't the witch hunters just whip out a Desert Eagle and shoot the witches?

Faye's heartless, Jake annoys, Melissa tries to act sad and Diana is a snot. Cassie is manipulated by Jake because she is dumb. Granny gives Cassie the family crystal, vomit. Jake can't act and is a mean thug, naturally Cassie is hurling herself at him.

Blackwell is mentioned, I presume he is Cassie's dad. Charles feels guilt over drowning Nick yet setting fire to Amelia was no biggie for him. Why is Cassie always so stupid? Ethan tells Diana that Cassie and Adam are written in the stars like he and Amelia were. Which is pretty disrespectful to Adam's mother. Has Adam's mother even got a name? Does Ethan even notice that she is dead? He is too busy brooding over Amelia.

Jake's a witch hunter, no surprise. Diana dumps Adam. Everyone loves Cassie. The lead witch hunter is the dude who was Mr Argent on 'Teen Wolf' and he still can't act. Oh get lost Argent and take Jake and the whole witch hunter plot arc with you.

Best Lines:
"Bad things happen when you mess with fate."

"What happened?"

"Hometown parasite returns."

"You can't spend the rest of your life lying on your bedroom floor listening to depressing music."
"It's been two days Faye."
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