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Stuff and More Stuff

I am reading 'The Best Horror of the Year Volume Three'.

I hope to read 'Magebane', 'Bedbugs' and maybe 'The Twilight of Lake Woebegotten' and the 'Hexslinger' books at some point.

'Grim Night' trailer
So this is a trailer for an unbought script and it looks really good. If this script is bought and made, I'd check out the end result.

'Fringe' 4x05 promo
I am sick of Walter and his mad act.

'Bedbugs' book trailer

'The Secret Circle' 1x07/1x08 promos
Cassie being stupid and Jake the show killer, I can't take  much more.

'Revenge' 1x07 promo
Soap, soap and more soap.
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