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Lost Rewatch: 4x13+4x14

There’s No Place Like Home Part 2

In flashforwards: Kate screams, Jack unravels – nothing new there. Walt who is like three feet taller then in season 1 visits Hurley in the nut house. So much for Walt and his ‘powers’. Nobody uses Locke’s real name for some bizarre reason.

Back on the island: Sawyer annoys, Locke babbles, Jack rants, the annoying yelling mercenaries annoy. We never got any explanation as to why Desmond joined the army. What we do get is ninja attack Others vs the annoying troop of mercenaries. Yay! There’s a fight and Richard shoots the annoying head mercenary Keemy, sadly not fatally. Why are Richard and the rest of the Others in their disguises? Who knows.

Sayid and Kate are stunned when Ben just lets them go. Locke says Jack is on the island for a reason. What reason? To die, as in season 6? Ben dismisses the Dharma’s work as “Silly experiments”. There is babbling about negatively charged exotic matter and Locke watches a videotape.

The helicopter flies off, Sawyer is melodramatic, Charlotte, Miles and Daniel annoy. Keemy staggers after Ben screaming: “You better aim for the head Ben, not like your boyfriend who shot me in the back!” Hee, methinks TPTB read some ‘Lost’ fanfic.

Best Lines:
“Was he walking about what I think he was talking about?”
“If you mean time travelling bunnies, then yes.”

There’s No Place Like Home Part 3

Ben is a ginormous self-entitled tool. Jin should have died in the freighter blast, it was better than the cruddy send off he got in season 6. Did Smokey appear to Michael and Kate in this ep? Sun screams a lot.

Whitmore built a business empire and had a family. Yet was willing to toss it all aside to go shack up on a desert island or something? Locke gets to be leader of the Others for less than 5 minutes: hee hee ha! Ben moves the island with a big frozen wheel.

The helicopter crashes in bad CGI. Desmond and Penny reunite. Flashforwards show Locke is dead and Ben tells Jack they all have to go back to the island. Locke too, BTW. How did they get Locke’s coffin out of the undertakers? Jack wails that Locke told him that after they left “Some very bad things happened.” No Jack, some very bad things will happen in season 6. In fact all of season 6 was bad. I pretend it does not exist. My DVD boxset collection does not include season 6.

Best Lines:
I’ve been having regular conversations with dead people. The last thing I need now is paranoia.”

“I don’t care what he’s screaming.”
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