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Movie Review: Executive Decision (1996)

An Oceanic flight is hijacked. How the bad guys got their arsenal of guns on board isn’t explained. Halle Berry and Marla Maples Trump are flight attendants. JT Walsh (of ‘Dark Skies’) is an idiot passenger and David Suchet (of ‘Poirot’) is the mouth breathing, hair oiled lead baddie.

Who is to save the day? Well think tank smug jackass David Grant (Kurt Russell) and archetypal flint eyed hero Travis (Steven Segal) have a plan to sneak a team onto the 747 via a modified stealth fighter and a tunnel contraption. The transfer goes wrong and Travis dies. Which was a big shock when I first saw this: the ‘Under Siege’ dude just was sucked out of a plane at 30,000 feet! It’s like Drew Barrymore in ‘Scream’. Well done writers.

Once the survivors are on board they realise the greasy baddie has bigger plans then a ‘mere’ hijack. This film was prescient in its plane-as-weapon plot (also the pilot ep of the ‘The Lone Gunmen’). This is all I’m saying on that subject.

So Grant and what is left of Travis’ team: Joe Morton, Oliver Platt, that annoying guy who always plays annoying guys and B.D Wong have to save the day. Flight attendant Marla Maples Trump is too busy gurning, so they get Jean (Berry) to help.

The day is saved. Evil lead baddie gets a final (and extremely prescient line): “You’ve stopped nothing.” This was okay. Why didn’t the character of Rat die? Halle Berry really does nothing in this film but it’s enjoyable enough.

Best Lines:
We’re not going to make it.”
“You are.”
“Whatever evidence there is, it goes straight to the bottom of the Atlantic.”
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