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Charmed Issue 15 + Sherlock Holmes Year One Issue 6 Reviewed

Charmed Issue 15: Where There's Smoke, There's A Fire

I haven't a clue what's happening here. Paige's kids need their magic to be bound, a rival magic school has opened and Cole is looking for the reincarnated Prue or something. It's a mess and all over the place. There is another ill-defined big bad lurking. This comic isn't really working, the plots are sloppy and don't grab the attention.

Sherlock Holmes Year One Issue 6: London's Burning, London's Burning

I somehow managed to miss issues 1 to 5 so I'm lost. Holmes, Watson and Holmes' fiancee Irene Adler are taking on Professor Moriarty in some violent, incomprehensible tale. Moriarty rants endlessly about Anicent Rome and then it just ends. I'm lost and really don't care with the ugly art and incomprehensible storylines. I didn't like this at all.
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