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Supernatural 6x21 Reviewed

Let It Bleed
H.P. Lovecraft finally shows up in the show and it is only a cameo, shame. Bobby needs to frak off, he is in this season way too much. Dean does not know who Lovecraft is, oh come on, TPTB love making Dean look like a dumbass. Lisa and Ben are kidnapped by Crowley, the King of Hades.

Balthazar and Bobby annoy. Bobby sums up Lovecraft's oeuvre very succinctly. I'd like Gavin Rossdale to guest star on this show. Dean says stuff to Castiel, he really shouldn't have. Some random woman (from the dragon ep) turns out to be important. Ben whines, Dean is an ass and there is much water-treading. Castiel does Dean a favour, oh the humanity. This was okay.
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