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Prison Break Season 4 Ep 10

The Legend

Bellick's dead. People care, but not me. I remember what he did to Marilyn.
Self has somehow retrieved Bellick's body and it doesn't look like he was
smushed by gallons of water. Sucre reveals that T-Bag burnt down Sona - why
they didn't try that trick to escape at the start of season 3? Sara takes
Michael to the hospital and learns he needs brain surgery. Any side-effects
from his missing toes have never materialised. It is revealed that the idiot
receptionist Trishanne is in fact another FBI agent working for Don Self.
This was boring. So boring that I had time to ponder that Michael Rapaport's
hair seems to change colour from role to role ('My Name is Earl', 'The War
at Home'
and now 'Prison Break')
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