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Ringer 1x05 Reviewed

A Whole New Kind of Bitch
Gemma whines and Juliet whines some more. It is revealed that Siobhan and Henry weren't subtle about their lust. Henry is a tool. Why won't Andrew send the junkie Juliet to boot camp? There's no Victor in this ep. Andrew hasn't noticed Bridget lacks Siobhan's cooking class scar.

Matthew is still in a strip club basement being shot up with junk. Gemma is a tool to Bridget, granted Gemma has some cause to be hurt but she acts like such a loon - you don't care. All I could think of during this ep was: SHUT UP Gemma&Juliet, JUST SHUT THE HELL UP!!! Will this a 2nd season? I hope so, I mean 'Dollhouse' managed two seasons.

Gemma gets vindictive. Bridget wears nice silver shoes. It is also revealed Siobhan busted up Andrew's previous marriage and there is an 'oooohhhhhh' ending. This was okay.

Best Lines:
"We feed on shame."

"Where was your sponsor when you almost broke today?"

"You define yourself by your book?"

"Maybe I can be the friend she wasn't."
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