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'Andromeda' Quote:
"Brandenburg Tor is no more. It's three billion citizens are all dead or dying. Its cities lie in ruins. Its lakes are fouled with blood. Its forests burn with unending fire...A previously unknown enemy invaded Brandenburg Tor...Now Brandenburg Tor is theirs, the despoiled prize of a cowardly and brutal attack."

'Ashes' Quotes:
"It'll be dark soon!"
"Then I suggest...that you run very quickly."

No reviews of 'The Cape' just yet. Will be reviewing 'Husk', 'The Thaw', 'The New Daughter', 'The Amateur Cracksman', 'The Strange Cases of Rudolph Pearson', 'Raffles', 'The Book of Cthulhu','What Judgments Come', 'The Golden Key', 'Daring', 'Hard Spell', 'All Clear', 'Brave New Worlds', 'Cold Magic', 'The Dark Storm', 'The Demon Hunt', 'Working Stiff', 'To Brave The Storm', 'The Mall of Cthulhu', 'The Best Horror of the Year Volume 3', 'Roman Dusk' and 'The Time Ships'.

Am misliking 'House of Fear'

'Immortals' trailer
WTF? Seriously WTF is this crap?!?

'Demons Never Die' trailer
Oh go away and make 'Tormented 2'.

'Yellowbrickroad' trailer
This looks good.

'Jawbreaker' trailer
A 90's 'Heathers' knockoff that predated 'Mean Girls'. Four mean girls rule their school and are lead by "Satan in heels" Courtney. But Courtney is going down: "Smile pretty Courtney." Good film.

'Needle' trailer
This oz horror looks good. A guy inherits a weird box. It's really a "tool for revenge" and people start dying.

Best Lines:
"Never trust anyone."

"You're running out of friends."

'Husk' trailer
Idiots crash their jeep due to crows committing suicide on the windshield. Then they wander around a creepy cornfield having obviously never read any Stephen King. Looks ok.
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