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Pan Am Eps 1-2 Musings

I liked Ep 1 of 'Pan Am' and enjoyed the flashback scene to the fallout from the Bay of Pigs, I knew nothing about that. I really don't care about the overacting Bridget or Katie being in the CIA because she's annoying. The whole weigh-ins are so demeaning. Anyway in Ep 2 the French chick's accent has softened a lot. It's the 60's and our heroines look orange. A perv passenger gets away with his perving despite Maggie having to defend herself from him: "I sort of stabbed him with a serving fork."

Charming time, that and the "Personal weight limit" = ick. The Pan Am hats are silly. Dean is an idiot and gormless. Ep 2 wasn't as good as ep 1. Katie's mother is a horrible, horrible woman. I'll check it out, it is way better than the vapid 'Terra Nova'.

Best Line:
"it's 5pm. You flew all night, slept all day, Paris awaits."

On a side note: no 'Saw V' review for Halloween sadly.

My holiday beckons!!!
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