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Terra Nova 1x04 Review

The Runaway
Terra Nova has motorbikes? How do they fuel them? A horrible bratty Sixer moppet shows up in Terra Nova lisping and being all cute. Everyone stupidly falls for the lisping brat cos they are morons. Elizabeth annoys. Why is Taylor such a boogieman to the Sixers?

There is bad child acting, Jim is so stupid and naturally the Sixer brat moves in with the Shannons. Jim pays no attention to his own children. Maddy gets a job but not Josh. The Sixers really are a rip off of the Others from 'Lost'. Everyone is stupid and lazy. Why are the Sixers so hostile?

There is some mysterious thing that the Sixer's want and it is locked up in Terra Nova, I'm sure it will become vital to the plot later on. Why didn't the Sixers take it with them when they went off on their own anyway?

Maddy's boyfriend is weird. Jim is stupid some more. The Sixers inform Jim that Taylor has enemies uptime and Taylor will be got rid of soon. Jim hearing his potential death threat made against his boss does not inform Taylor of this. Jerk ass tool.

So who are the Sixers? Who are They up time and what have they got against Taylor? What is Terra Nova really about? Why is Jim such a moronic tool? Seriously why does Jim not warn Taylor? Warn him you tool! What is the box? You know I really don't care, this is all so dumb and tired.
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