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Ringer 1x04 Review

It's Gonna Kill Me, But I'll Do It

Bridget continues to lie and pretend to be Shiv (terrible, terrible nickname). It's the twins birthday and something bad happened on Siobhan's last birthday. Bridget recalls how as kids she and her sister bonded over a necklace only for Siobhan to reject the necklace and all it stood for after their mysterious rift.

Victor creeps me out. Henry annoys. He and Gemma's kids continue to be neglected. Bridget did something unforgivable - does it have to do with the mysterious Sean? It is hinted Siobhan married Andrew as part of some long con gold-digging plot. Siobhan continues her antics in Paris.

Andrew hires a personal chef to cook meat for his vegetarian wife. Victor breaks and enters. Gemma learns something. Siobhan's plotting is still not explained. This was good, I like how this is going.
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