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Traveler Review, Part 2

The Out
Jay and Tyler travel to Deer Harbour, Will claimed it was his home town but that like much of what he said was a lie. However they do find his girlfriend Maya who runs a book store called 'Have Books/Will Travel'. She supplies evidence that Will was part of a larger organisation and that Will Traveler isn't even his real name. Then again Daniel Taft probably isn't his real name either.

Jay and Tyler learn from the news that Will taped Jay and Tyler's every conversation, which has now been edited together and posted on line as their hate filled manifesto. Jay's estranged mother is taken in by the FBI, Jay's treatment of his mother makes him seem just as nasty as Will. Kim is shunned, forced to live with her horrible parents and mocked: "A massive conspiracy has created the personae of Will Traveler and manipulated events for the past two years?"

As Tyler and Jay stand around in plain sight in broad daylight at a train station, they get a huge shock. They see Tyler's stolen car and Will is driving it. There is mutual staring and shock all around. Then Will's 'colleagues' show up to grab him. This was good.

The Tells
Will is interrogated by a nasty woman. It is revealed the Drexler mission didn't play out as planned and Will is going to have to answer for that. Will tells the nasty woman the events of the 'Pilot' ep from his POV. Jay and Tyler were meant to die and Will stealing a painting was a real deviation from the plan. The nasty woman has Maya killed. After spending most of this ep tied up and beat down, Will kills the nasty woman and escapes. Meanwhile Jay and Tyler try to hunt down Will by tracking the source of Will's college fees. This was okay and Will shows off his skills by killing people with broken chairs and a hoodie.

Best Line:
"He's not your friend and he's not someone you want to find."

The Trader
Jay and Tyler have a falling out and split up. Jay deals with a former friend (Tyler Labine of 'Reaper', 'Invasion' and 'Tucker and Dale vs Evil') and Tyler confronts his father (William Sadler). Tyler learns that his father knew all about the Drexler and that Tyler was supposed to die. Tyler's father sneers at him in contempt and leaves him by the side of the road. The FBI get proof of Will's existence and now he's running from them and his own people. This was good and only 3 days have passed since the 'Pilot' ep.
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