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Movie Review: Kill Theory (2009)

I had high hopes for this but was bitterly letdown. This was AWFUL. A group of college morons head out to a remote holiday home and we get endless scenes of the morons being loud, rude, crude, sexist and generally vile, foul idiots. I can't even recall their names apart from Brent (Teddy Dunn of 'Veronica Mars') and Freddy (Daniel Franzese of 'Mean Girls'). After ages a body is flung through a window with a video camera.

It seems they're being stalked by a murderous nutter who rambles on about how he had to kill his friends and now they'll have to kill theirs. He informs them that at 6am if only one person is alive they can go free but if more than one person is alive, they'll all die. So now they'll have to kill their friends to live. Naturally the nutter is omnipotent and there's no alarm system or any talk of how the victims outnumber the nutter by a significant amount. Instead it's poker, shovel and gun grabbing time and blood flies.

The stalker and his monotone voice bore. There is screaming and the bland interchangeable idiots utter terrible dialogue. They're all hateful jerks. Teddy Dunn looks completely different from his 'Veronica Mars' days. This was boring with way too much screaming and idiocy. This could have been so much better but it is all such boring crud and the twist ending is nothing special.

Best Lines:
"Certain death now confronts anyone in the house. There's only way out. Kill your friends or die with them."

"My dad has a rifle."
"Now you say so?"
"Not now trailer park."

"Escaping me is impossible so start thinking about escaping each other."

"Only one can go home."

"Their love is gonna kill us both."

"You gonna kill us all Freddy?"
"No tough guy. Just you!"
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