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Tape Tales of 2000 & 1998

Cleared out two tapes. Firstly was a 2000 tape that began with a season 4 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' ep 'Hush'. That ep was way over-rated. Buffy dreams about the bland Riley Finn. Willow whines. The college looks like a soundstage. What was the point of Maggie Walsh? Spike lurks, why does nobody stake him? Xander is a jerk and the Gentlemen lurk. Willow mocks her Wicca group and meets Tara. The Gentlemen steal voices and hearts leading to unfunny miming. This was boring and Riley Finn was a blight on this show. A BLIGHT.

Then came a season 1 'Angel' ep 'Parting Gifts' in which Doyle is dead and Wesley shows up to annoy. TPTB prance around in body paint being stupid. Cordelia gets visions. Actors in bad demon make up walk around. Wesley does wannabe-Fonz posing. Wesley was a blight on this show. This was stupid.

Then came a 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' season 7 ep 'Tacking into the Wind' in which Gowron pulls faces, Weyoun toadies and the Breen lurk. Ezri speaks her mind. Kira and co try to steal a Dominion ship. Worf stages a coup by provoking Chancellor Gowron into a fight. A badly staged very short fight. There's a glass display that you just know someone will go through and it is Worf's stunt double and Gowron dies via one stab wound. Oh come on. Too much talking.

Finally there was another season 4 'Buffy' ep 'Doomed'. Riley and Buffy talk and Riley annoys. Spike lives in Xander's basement and still nobody stakes him. There's bad dubbing and Giles is ever useless. This had way too much Spike and Riley. The gang return to the burnt out Sunnydale High in this utter letdown. Riley is smug.

The 2nd tape was from 1998. First up was a season 3 'Due South' ep 'Mountie Sings the Blues' in which Fraser protects a singer. I miss Ray Vecchio calling Fraser "Benny". I miss Fraser being nice and not a smug jackass. This was dull and yet another chance for Paul Gross to sing. This ep contains the song 'Nobody's Girl' which showed up on Vol 2 of the soundtrack.

Then there was a 'Xena, Warrior Princess' ep 'The Key to the Kingdom' which had Joxer, Meg and the king of thieves running around being really annoying. Meg steals a baby claiming she can't have kids, yet where did Virgil come from then? Dumb unfunny waste o'time. Then came an 'X Files' ep 'Drive' in which a man (Brian Cranston) is affected by ELF waves or something and takes Mulder hostage for a car chase. Mulder is flippant, Scully is the scully and the whole ground conduction radio issue was never ever brought up again.

Best Line:
"I'm kind of at a loss as to what to do next."

Finally there was another 'DS9' ep 'The Reckoning' in which the wormhole aliens give another cryptic warning and there is bad acting. Dax annoys, Kai Winn annoys and there is much season 7 set up and bad bad bad SFX.
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