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Supernatural 6x20 Reviewed

The Man Who Would Be King

I think the title refers to Crowley, considering what he's managed to pull off. Alas poor Castiel. Our fallen angel monologues and can't pronounce Babel properly. Crowley waves a fistful of Eve's eggs around - I so did not need to see that. Castiel explains his deal with Crowley. Oh poor woobie, Crowley was a Crossroads Demon, why are you listening to him?

Crowley and Castiel plot. Dean and Castiel brood. Crowley shouts. Someone's read 'Good Omens'. Crowley lists off all the big bads past and Castiel says something about dying over and over again. We get to see a demonic version of Bobby. Meanwhile Bobby and Sam annoy. Too much ass butt Bobby this season.

What is Crowley up to? Why have we never seen Crowley's demon eyes? Samuel was in hell apparently, very appropriate. Eve was a letdown, Crowley and Castiel are so much better. Sam is thankless and Dean is self righteous. Dude you sound like your no good dead daddy. This was very good.

Best Lines:
"Big plans for that fish."

"Dried dung can only be stacked so high."

"Two boys, a drunk and a fallen angel."

"Those denim wrapped nightmares."

"Submit or die? What are you? French?"

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