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Book Reviews: A Lick of Frost + Vamps

A Lick of Frost by Laurell K. Hamilton

The 6th in the 'Merry Gentry' series is quite good. This is because it
relies on plot to fuel the action.

Merry is the subject of unpleasant attention from her mad uncle. Merry is
also madly in love with Doyle and Frost, however there is a price to be paid
for the awakening magic and Frost is the one to pay it. Merry sulks. Merry
also is at last pregnant, but then there is the revelation of who the father
is. The mystery of who would be King to Merry's Queen is at last answered,
but it is a bit much. Also the magic is undercut by the fact that these
fairies carry guns and phones and hold press conferences. Also the fact that
a certain character is in Europe is mentioned about five times in the course
of the novel, maybe it's done in case we forgot the fact or something.

This is a good sensual read, but the title is embarrassing. The title of the
7th book is even worse: 'Swallowing Darkness'. Hamilton has to having a
laugh hasn't she?

Vamps by Nancy A. Collins

The start of a YA book series about rival vampire American princesses
attending Bathory Academy, a training school for vampire teenagers. While
not an original idea at all, 'Vamps' is a fairly good read with interesting
back-story and world building.

Lilith Todd is the psycho most popular True Born Old Blood at Bathory. She
rules her clique of wannabes with a iron fist. However she is obsessively in
love with her future husband Jules. Theirs is to be an arranged marriage
between their powerful and wealthy vampire clans. Lilith is obsessed with
Jules and the power their marriage will bring her. Jules is not so hot on

Then into Lilith's world comes Cally Monture, she doesn't have lineage,
money or power. Only an unknown Old Blood father who has ordered her to
attend Bathory. Cally's classmates and teachers look down on her as vampire
trash as she's only half Old Blood. But things could be even worse for Cally
if anyone at Bathory knew the truth about her mother.

However the slayers in the Van Helsing Institute know what Cally really is
and are interested in her and not in a benevolent way. Cally has to struggle
with her new school, vampire powers, mean classmates, stalking Van Helsings
and a vicious rivalry with Lilith Todd.

The petty teenager rivalry between two girls armed with vampire powers and
strength looks set to rock the world of the New York vampires. I'll be
reading book 2. It's an interesting read, with the character's very
different morality shocking the reader at times. The vampire origins and
culture is enthralling. This series could be one to watch, but one has to
wonder. Why is Lilith so popular? She's a cruel, crazy bimbo.
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