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Trailers and Stuff

Stuff I plan to review at some point: 'Double Take', 'Darkness Falling' and 'Sherlock Holmes: The Crossover Casebook."

'Dead and Buried' (1981) trailer
This is the road into Potter's Bluff. There is no road out. This looks creepy.

'Terra Nova' 1x05 promo
Yawn, all these plots have been done before.

'Revenge' 1x06 promo

'American Horror Story' 1x03 promo

'Pickman's Muse' trailer
If this is based on Lovecraft's 'Haunter of the Dark', then why not call it that? This looks cheap.

'Dead Snow' trailer
Dumb kids vs nazi zombies. Looks sadly dull.

'In Time' trailer
You don't age past 25? Time is paid out? Intriguing premise.

'Shoggoth's Old Peculiar' Quote:
"That big building next door is the Nameless Temple of Unspeakable Gods and on saturday mornings there's jumble sale in the crypt."

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