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Terra Nova 1x03 Reviewed

What Remains

Maddy has a boyfriend, Malcolm can't act and Jim pulls faces because he is a tool. Why does Terra Nova have no aircraft? People get a virus and hallucinate. Josh hangs out with Skye swilling moonshine. 'The Defenders' was better than this. Jim disobeys orders and is a tool, why does he get away with this crap? He's not supposed to be there.

This was awful. Josh wants to get his 2149 galpal to Terra Nova. Skye is obviously a baddie. There's not enough dinosaurs in this. There's hints about the calculations by the waterfalls and communications through the time fracture. What about the ice age and the dinosaur killing comet that is coming?

Taylor large hams and babbles. We gets hints about 2149 (Detroit food riots, a psy ops war in Somalia) and there aren't pleasant. Maddy has her father's sense of entitlement. Jim does fake sneezing. The 1st pilgrimage was only 7 years ago? The Sixers plot. This was sappy and crappy.

Best Lines:
"You shot me."
"I did Sir."
"Good job."

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