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Buffy Season 9 Issue 2 + Dollhouse Issue 4 Reviewed

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 9 Issue 2: Freefall Part Two

The Buffy's college loan joke drags on. Willow whines some more. The bodies are explained, sort of. Buffy's arrested. Dawn and Xander are selfish. Spike lurks. This is okay, better than the truly terrible issue 1. But it is still not grabbing me. Why is Buffy so dumb and lazy? Why does Buffy still hang out with Willow, Xander and Dawn? Why did Buffy never go back to college?

Best Lines:
"She didn't even finish college, you know. And we're talking U.C. Sunnydale."

Dollhouse: Epitaphs Issue 4

Ivy is apparently in the Tokyo dollhouse and may not be in a good way. Ballard annoys, seriously he is the uber-suck. Trevor tries to be a bad ass. What is Active Architecture? Mag, Griff and Zone (seriously their parents named them that?) annoy. This is good, the 'Epitaph' eps were the most intriguing eps of the show. This is good stuff, shame they never got to do this on the show.
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