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Lost Rewatch: 4x02

Confirmed Dead

The freighter folk arrive on the island: three annoy (Miles, Charlotte, Daniel) and one does not (Frank). The freighter folk annoy as they lie, act suspiciously and threaten people with guns. Flashbacks show the discovery of the fake Flight 815 wreckage, Naomi being annoying, Daniel being an idiot, Miles being irritating and Charlotte being pompous and a rude snot.

Meanwhile we get hints of Hurley's destiny in season 6. Miles pulls a gun and screams, shut up Miles. Sawyer thugs out. Ben gets beat up. Locke preaches. Charlotte and Daniel annoy, they were the two most annoying characters on this show. Bring back Nikki and Paulo. I say again Daniel and Charlotte were AWFUL, AWFUL, ANNOYING CHARACTERS.

Everyone screams and Ben's off island trips were never explained. Plus would the media really show the rotting bodies of 'Flight 815' on tv?

Best Lines:
"It's Oceanic 815."

"We don't wanna be found."

"Head case, ghostbuster, anthropologist and a drunk."

"It's a high risk covert op in unstable territory."
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